CCTV surrounds you, banks track how much money you spend daily, search engines know your interests and preferences, and law enforcement authorities can access your chat history. Face recognition systems, cloud storage, and social networks — today, data protection is vital for everyone like never before.

Data privacy deals with…

As cryptocurrencies are a digital means of payment, keeping them in a purse or a glass jar at home isn’t possible. It’s so easy to lose digital funds. So, where should investors store their cryptoassets?

Hot and Cold Wallets: Where the Difference Lies

Hot storage refers to an online wallet that requires an internet connection. It can be…

You may have heard about the Metaverse in terms of virtual reality, but what is it in terms of the crypto world?

The Internet, though not all-encompassing, has changed society dramatically. A social network allows users to connect with people they otherwise would never have met. …

Anti-money laundering (AML) includes procedures, laws, and regulations designed to stop the practice of illegally obtaining money. Money laundering is one of the problems faced by the world’s financial sector. Criminals often seek to hide their illicit proceeds in the guise of legitimate transactions.

What Is the AML Mechanism in the Banking Industry?

The generic AML measures for all…

Digital transformation is a trend that is occurring across more and more companies worldwide. Although every company follows its own particular form of digital transformation, there is an overarching definition that can clarify what it is.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in business processes. It includes automating…


Secure messenger, cryptocurrency wallet and P2P crypto exchange in one app.

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