Comparing the Tokenomics of CRPT and XRP

3 min readMay 12, 2023


Tokenomics — a portmanteau of the words “token” and “economics” — refers to the economic qualities of a cryptocurrency that make it appealing to investors. When considering the worth of a coin, analysing its tokenomic features is a reliable way of gauging its potential worth.

In this article, we use this strategy to compare two crypto coins: CRPT and XRP. To find out more about these two tokens, including what they are, how much are in supply, and how they can be used, read on!

What Are CRPT and XRP?

The CRPT token fuels the Crypterium Ecosystem. This coin is widely considered undervalued but has strong tokenomic features that reduce the total supply of the token, ensuring there is a constant demand for CRPT in the market.

By comparison, XRP regularly makes the list of the top ten most valuable crypto coins. A native cryptocurrency for block-chain-based network XRP Ledger, this token is a true sleeping giant in the market and is one of the largest tokens out there by market capitalisation.

Total Supply and Market Circulation

One of the biggest differences between these two tokens is the number of coins available. As mentioned above, CRPT looks to keep the supply of the token down. As a result, there are only about 98 million coins altogether, with a little under 84 million in circulation.

By contrast, the total number of XRP tokens available is a whopping 100 billion. Contentiously, however, all of these tokens were created way back when the coin first started, with 80 billion going to the company, Ripple Labs, and 20 billion going to its founders. Even now, Ripple still holds some 60% of all available XRP tokens.

Coin Utility

As mentioned above, XRP is a native currency belonging to the XRP Ledger. The only other use it has is that it can be used by banks as a bridge currency to pay for international transactions. To do this, banks, building societies, and other financial institutions must first purchase XRP tokens to use.

Compared to XRP, CRPT has far greater utility. The token offers users access to a range of services and goods available through Crypterium, including subscriptions, free cards, cashback, and more.


According to tokenomics, CRPT is the stronger cryptocurrency. XRP’s tokenomics are far weaker; however, due to its speculative nature, it is still one of the best coins available on the market.

Additionally, XRP does not possess the proper tokenomics for capital appreciation. Since banks and other financial institutions do not need to hold onto the coin to use it as a bridge currency, as is its main application, the coin does not accrue value in the same way that other tokens do.

CRPT, by contrast, has far more potential as a token. Its tokenomics ensure that there is always a demand for CRPT in the market, as users of Crypterium pay a fee in CRPT equivalent to 0.5% of network trade transaction value.

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